Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Day 1

We made it through through Day 1 of summer nonscreen time, and nobody has strangled anybody yet! What did we do all day? Well, Ryan set up a perfume sale stand in our neighborhood (she makes her own essential oil roll-on perfumes) and earned $45! Both kids practiced their instruments (guitar for Ryan and piano for Zane) and completed five pages in their summer math workbooks. Zane built with legos and we played dinosaurs. Ryan finished reading The Hunger Games (Larry convinced her to try it, and she couldn't put it down!) Then we swam, practiced soccer and baseball and did some yard work. So far so good. Zane whined to watch TV this morning, but he quickly forgot about it. The kids are doing great, but I'm exhausted! 😂 In a show of solidarity, I'm swearing off weekday wine for the summer. This could be an interesting couple of months here at Camp Fogel!

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